Guidance – bike and run

From: $149.00 / month for 12 months


Training Plans included: Tailored Training Peaks Plans

On Pace Group Sessions:

Bike - ✔
Run - ✔

Coach Access: email / Messenger

Contract Length: 3 months+

Post Initial Contract: Rolling

Contract Options: Sign up for 12 months and receive 6% discount

Review Sessions: Quarterly

Ongoing Functional Threshold Power (FTP), Rate of perceived Exertion (RPE) and Heart Rate (HR) Testing: Included

Access to On Pace Training Camps (***): Included

Access to Nutritional Advice (On Pace Partners* **): 5% discount

Access to Bike Fit / Set up (On Pace Partners* **): 5% discount

Access to Strength & Conditioning (On Pace Partners) * **): 5% discount

Race Strategy Discussions, including Pre and Post Race briefing: A Race Day Plan


* Partners to be defined
** This is an additional cost paid directly to the partner
*** On Pace Training Camp Pricing is in addition to any coaching plans